Mismon Laser Hair Removal Review

mismon laser hair removal review

With so many hair removal products on the market, choosing the one that best suits your needs can be confusing and overwhelming. If you are sick of shaving, waxing or epilating you might want to consider a more permanent solution to hair removal. How about a salon quality hair removal at home? Therefore, we have decided to bring you this comprehensive Mismon Laser Hair Removal Review.

Mismon hair removal is a safe, economic and efficient hair removal method that does not harm the skin while getting the job done.

Mismon IPL hair removal device has garnered enough praise, trust and positive feedback from loyal users for a number of years now.

Professional hair removal services can cost up to hundreds if not thousands of dollars. So if you want to save money but don’t want to compromise on performance, quality and ease of use, then this Mismon Laser Hair Removal Review may help you find the solution.

Mismon Laser Hair Removal Review:

IPL or Intense Pulsed Light delivers a broad spectrum of light to the skin with the aim to heat and destroy the hair follicle.

People often use IPL and “laser” as synonyms when they are actually totally different. IPL devices use a broad spectrum of light rather than a single concentrated laser. Therefore, IPL hair removal devices produce more scattered and less focused energy that can treat a larger area of skin in shorter time.

IPL is far more gentle compared to laser hair removal procedures and has a long-term effect of four to six weeks, learn more.

Therefore, Mismon IPL Hair Removal is a far superior choice to traditional hair removal procedures such as creams, shaving or waxing.

Mismon IPL Lamp Cartridge:

The Mismon IPL comes with a lamp cartridge that covers three square centimetres of skin, has adjustable five levels of energy and emits approximately 300,000 flashes. This is more than enough to last you a lifetime! In addition, you can separately purchase the Skin Rejuvenation or Acne Clearance cartridges and interchange all three for a different beauty treatment. Just click the detachable SR or AC heads onto the device and let the device work its magic to restore skin elasticity, smooth wrinkles, improve pigmentation and clear acne. Boasting such an advanced and multifunctional technology, this 3 in 1 IPL device is one of the best choices on the market right now!

Mismon IPL Design:

The Mismon IPL Hair Removal Device has a shiny rose gold/white colour and a hand-held design. The slim and easy-to-grip contour allows users to easily apply the Mismon laser beam onto their skin. Since the device uses laser to remove hair, you must wear sunglasses while using it.

Mismon Laser Hair Removal Device feels sturdy and remains cool throughout the entire usage.


mismon ipl

At the front, you’ll get the LCD screen with the button on the handle. You can change the energy level according to your sensitivity and turn the machine on and off using the button.

Mismon IPL Application Range:

best home laser hair removal skin hair chart

Both men and women can use this device in a wide range of body areas – legs, chest, belly, back, armpit, bikini line, chin and arms. Mismon IPL device works best on fair to light brown skin tone (I to IV on the Fitzpatrick Scale) and darker hair colours.

People with white, red or light blonde hair will not benefit from this device. In addition, you should avoid the lips, eyes, head, ears, eyelashes and eyebrows.

For best results, always shave the area prior to treatment

The Mismon IPL Laser Hair Removal Device features a built-in skin sensor that will activate the device only if your skin tone is suitable for treatment. Once the green light shows up, you are safe to go.

Is Mismon IPL Laser Hair Removal Safe?

The Mismon‘s FDA certification guarantees its safety, efficacy and quality. The integrated skin sensor of Mismon laser hair removal ensures the device will only emit light when properly positioned against the skin. This vital precautionary measure ensures that the Mismon hair removal machine cannot accidentally damage the skin. With Mismon Laser device you will experience little to no pain and enjoy up to 94% hair reduction after seven treatments.




If you’re looking for a painless, easy-to-use and affordable hair removal device, then the Mismon IPL is your best bet. Mismon IPL Laser Hair Removal is less expensive and painful than most methods. It also permanently removes the hair because of its unique capabilities in targeting the hair follicles while the skin is left unharmed.

If you’re tired of waxing or shaving, then we hope this Mismon Laser Hair Removal Review has helped you find the best alternative for you.