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    When it comes to hair removal, epilating is probably the method that is least talked about. Most women  brush it off because of the numerous myths surrounding this hair removal method to this day.

    We think it is about time we debunk those myths and give the epilator a well deserved place in the spotlight.

    An epilator is an electrical device with tiny rotating tweezers that pulls the hair out from the root.  It is one of those meet in the middle solutions for people who don’t like to shave everyday but also don’t like the mess of waxing. Sound familiar?

    Choosing the best epilator for women may seem a bit overwhelming with all the models, attachments and features available out there.

    Well, we are here to help you find the best epilator for your needs so sit back and read on.

    How We Review the Products?

    Before we jump straight to our top epilator picks, it is important to mention how we conduct our research. We follow the below 3-step process:

    • We sift through all the online user reviews to gain an understanding of how the device performs;
    • We test the products ourselves to give an honest and unbiased opinion;
    • We consult with Dr Rosmy Barrios, an expert in aesthetic medicine who helps us verify all the manufacturer’s claims.

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    Best Epilators for women 2022

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    In Depth Product Reviews



    Dr Rosmy Barrios IM Clinic

    Editors’s Choice:

    Braun Epilator Silk-épil 9 9-720 outperformed any other model we tested and in our opinion is the best epilator for women currently on the market. Firstly, there is the extra wide head and inbuilt smart light that ensure you catch even the shortest hairs in no time. Secondly, the various attachments of the different kits make this epilator one of the most versatile beauty tools currently available on the market.

    Extra Wide Head

    Silk-épil 9 9-720 is Braun’s most advanced device with a head 40% wider than any other silk epil model. Truth be told, we were amazed by the performance of this Braun epilator 9.  The combination of its micro grip tweezer technology and inbuilt sensor light allowed us to pick most hairs on first pass, leaving almost nothing behind. Plus, the pivoting head let us easily remove hair even from the trickiest parts such as the underarms and knees. 

    Selection of Attachments

    The Braun Silk-épil 9 9-720 kit includes a skin contact cap and a massage cap that sit over the tweezer head and help reduce discomfort during epilation. However, we found that both these caps increased the distance between the tweezers and the skin and therefore wouldn’t let us catch the shortest hairs.

    In addition, you can transform the Silk-épil 9 into an electric shaver by clicking on the shaver head or into a trimmer by adding the trimmer comb over the shaver head.

    The Braun Silk-épil 9 9-720 basic kit comes with a massage cap, skin contact cap, shaver head and a trimmer comb.

    Besides the basic kit, you can purchase Braun Silk-épil 9 9-890 which includes everything the basic kit does as well as a facial cap and a bikini trimmer.

    Furthermore, Braun Epilator Silk-épil 9 9-880 kit includes everything the 9-890 kit has but instead of a bikini trimmer, it comes with a facial cleansing brush to remove make up. 

    As you can see the price of each kit is determined by the number of attachments it comes with.

    Wet & Dry

    What we especially love about Braun Epilator Silk-épil 9 9-720 is that you can safely use it in the shower. As one of the latest wet and dry epilators currently on the market, we tested this model both in and out of the shower. We can confirm it is 100% waterproof which makes hair removal virtually painless in water.


    Braun Epilator Silk-épil 9 9-720 is cordless and rechargeable. 1 hour charge gave us approximately 50 min of operation and we quickly discovered the epilator cannot be used while charging. So arm yourself with patience as you will have to wait for the device to recharge before you can complete a full body hair removal. 

    What we found handy during epilation was to put the epilator on charge every time we took a break. This significantly extended the operation time of the device.

    To sum up, if you want the most bang for you buck, go with the Braun Silk-épil 9 9-720 kit which includes all essential attachments for head to toe hair removal at almost half the price of the full kits. 





    Flexible Head

    The Braun Epilator Silk-épil 9 9-030 model introduces the world’s first fully flexible head that effortlessly adapts to every body contour and angle of use. It makes hair removal a breeze even from those tricky areas such as the underarms, knees and bikini area. Plus, the built-in smart light reveals the finest hairs and guarantees to leave you with marble smooth skin for weeks.


    Selection of Attachments

    Similar to Silk-épil 9 9-720, Braun Silk-épil 9 9-030 features three interchangeable heads, so you can easily switch between a razor, a trimmer and an epilator. The kit also includes skin contact cap, facial cap and a massage cap which we discovered increased the distance between the device tweezers and the skin and therefore wouldn’t pick up the shortest hairs. However, their purpose is to minimise discomfort during epilating so please use them if your pain threshold is low.

    We absolutely fell in love with the body exfoliating brush included in the kit and used it to remove dead cells prior to epilation. Although this is an additional step in your epilation routine, exfoliating prior to epilating definitely facilitates hair extraction and prevents ingrown hairs.

    The Braun Silk-épil 9 9-030 is often confused with Braun Silk-épil 9 9-020 epilator which comes with  a massaging pad instead of an exfoliating brush. 

    Wet & Dry

    Similar to Silk-épil 9 9-720, Braun Silk-épil 9 9-030 is waterproof so it can come in the shower or bath with you. Try epilating in warm water and we can guarantee you can tackle even the most sensitive private area. Plus, Silk-épil 9 9-030 has an anti-slip grip feature for easy control and maneuvering when wet. 


    This Braun Silk Epil 9 epilator is also cordless and rechargeable, which means you can use it anywhere. Although you can not use the device while it is charging, a full charge lasted us enough time to go over both legs.

    Silk-épil 9 9-030 epilator also uses Braun’s signature SensoSmart technology which guides you with a red light flash if you are applying too much pressure while epilating. 





    Yet another Braun Silk-épil epilator has made this list, this time the 7-7561 model. While the above two models shine in epilating large areas fast, the Braun Silk-épil 7-7561 model was primarily designed for the bikini and other sensitive body areas.

    The reason we chose this model was to give an epilating option to all those ladies that cannot tolerate pain very well. Since Braun Silk-épil 7-7561 was declared the most gentle epilator on the skin by an external study at IPI Institute, Stuttgart, March 2013, we decided to test whether that’s really true. 

    With repetitive and regular use, the Braun silk epil 7 not only  provided virtually painless hair removal experience but also proved to be surprisingly efficient on short hairs (as short as 0.5mm). We have to admit, we were slightly worried that such a gentle epilation model won’t be able to catch all hairs, but the Silk-épil 7 hands down removed all the hair by the root. 

    Bonus Trimmer

    Similar to the above two models,  the Braun Silk-épil 7-7561 comes with interchangeable heads which transform it into a shaver, trimmer or epilator as well as a facial cap, sensitive area cap, efficiency cap and a massage cap. 

    What makes this Braun Silk-épil 7 epilator so cool is the bonus trimmer. Handheld like a pen, the trimmer is perfect for all those areas that you don’t want to epilate or need to be extra precise with. 

    Wet & Dry

    Again similar to the above two models, the 7-7561 model is 100% waterproof and you can take it with you in the bath or in the shower.


    This epilator is also cordless and rechargeable. However, since the battery doesn’t last long, you might need to charge it a few times to cover all body areas.

    To sum up, Braun Silk-épil 7-7561 is the best epilator for sensitive skin and ideal for all ladies with low pain threshold looking for a gentle epilation. 






    Curved Extra Wide Head

    Not everyone can splurge on an epilator so we made sure we tested more affordable alternatives. Out of all the cheaper models we tested, several caught our attention, but the Philips Epilator Series 8000 won the battle single handedly.

    The extra wide head of the Philips epilator 8000 covers more skin with every stroke which makes the hair removal process much faster. What’s more, its rotating ceramic discs are able to catch extremely short and barely visible hairs.

    However, we found that the slightly curved epilator head was better suited to epilating legs rather than armpits (which are curved in the opposite direction.)

    The ergonomic S-shaped handle allowed us to use a comfortable angle for smooth and painless epilation from the get go.

    Best Smart Light

    What makes the Philips 8000 epilator shine above all other models is its light. Firstly, it is a brighter white light  which makes even the tiniest and shortest hairs visible. Secondly, the light is positioned right above the rotating discs which  shows up the hairs even better.

    Other additions that proved to be great were the cap for delicate areas and the optimal contact cap for a gentler epilation. 

    Wet & Dry & Cordless

    The Philips Epilator Series 8000 is cordless and chargeable. You can use it both wet and dry, which is a rare find among epilators in this price range.

    So, if you are on the hunt for the best cheap epilator on the market, you should definitely consider the Philips Epilator Series 8000. 





    21 tweezers

    Philips Satinelle BRE235/04 is one of the staple epilator models that has remained popular for a while now so we had to test it out and see whether it can still measure up to some newer models on the market.

    With only 21 tweezers which is a fairly low amount for an epilator, do not expect fast epilation from Philips Satinelle. However, if you are a beginner or want to epilate only certain areas of your body, this may be the best entry level epilator.

    Thanks to its small design and ergonomic shape, the Philips Satinelle BRE235/04 is easy to hold, control and even take on trips.


    When we got our Philips Satinelle epilator kit, we only received the epilator and a sensitive cap for the gentler areas like the bikini line and underarms. Therefore,  you won’t get plenty of accessories with this product but you also won’t pay the hefty price tag that comes with them.

    Dry and Corded

    Although the entire unit isn’t washable and suitable for wet use, you can still keep it clean  by rinsing the removable epilator head after each use. 

    Unfortunately, you won’t be able to use Philips Satinelle in the shower or even move that far away from the power point. The plus side of using a corded epilator is that you never have to worry about running out of battery. This is a major issue with cordless epilators and the main reason many long time epilator users still stick to a corded version. 

    To sum up, Philips Satinelle is the perfect epilator for beginners who want to test the water before dropping some serious cash on an advanced model.  





    60 tweezers

    Panasonic is breaking new ground by introducing a powerful yet affordable epilator unit so we had to try it out. The Panasonic epilator ESEL7AP is one of the most popular models from the EL series and here is why.

    Inside the large head, we found two rotating discs with 30 tweezers each which work together – the second disc catches hair missed by the first. How clever!

    We instantly fell in love with the 90˚pivoting head that made removing hair from those hard-to-reach places a walk in the park.

    A selection of attachments

    When the kit arrived, it came with all the features you could ask for in an all-in-one epilation tool. The basic kit comes with 5 attachments – an epilator head, a shaver head with a slide up trimmer, a bikini comb, a gentle cap for beginners and a sensitive skin cap for sensitive areas.

    If you would like to spoil yourself, you could go with a slightly more expensive version Panasonic ES-EL9A- S. The ES-EL9A-S model includes all attachments the latter model has and additional two – a Sonic Scrub Brush and a Foot Care Buffer.

    Wet & Dry & Cordless

    We can honestly say that the EL Series Panasonic epilators are hands down the best wet and dry epilators currently on the market. Their sleek, waterproof cordless design allows you to remove hair anywhere – in the bath, shower or dry. Simply apply bath gel to the epilator head to create a soothing foam which facilitates hair extraction.

    What makes the Panasonic wet dry epilator stand out compared to other models are the 3 speed settings (most models only have 2)  which allow you to adjust the speed according to the sensitivity of the treated area.

    Finally, the Panasonic wet and dry epilator boasts a bright LED light that makes even the finest hairs visible.





    72 tweezers

    To conclude our list of the best epilators currently on the market, we chose to mention the Emjoi Emagine epilator.

    With its 72 tweezers, the most of any model on this list, this tool is not for the faint of heart. In our opinion, this epilator is reserved for seasoned users and those of you who have a high pain threshold and want the job done fast.

    The 72 tweezer heads of the device rotate in opposite direction to remove most hair on first pass regardless of the hair growth direction. Along with all those tweezers, the device uses a patented “glide technology” that lifts all those flat or short hairs. This means the device eliminates all hair with less passes and in our opinion is the best epilator for larger areas such as the legs.  

    Dry and corded

    The Emjoi Emagine epilator is main powered and therefore not waterproof. However, you will never have to worry about recharging the device and can complete a full body epilation in one go.

    We were slightly disappointed the device does not have a smart light which comes in handy if you have fair hair.  Unlike other models, there are no attachments coming with the emojoi epilator. You can purchase replacement heads online. 

    The good news is that for those of you with dark, coarse hair or perhaps lots of it, there is an epilator out there that can sweep it all in one go. 




    The Ultimate Buying Guide:
    How to Choose The Best Epilator for Women

    If you decide to invest in an epilator, you will surely be overwhelmed with the countless choices currently flooding the market. To help you narrow your selection and choose the best epilator for your needs, we have put together a short buying guide below. Let’s jump straight in!

    How Do I Choose a good epilator?

    Before you decide to spend your hard earned cash on an epilator hair removal machine, there are a few important factors you should consider:


    Having plenty of power always makes things a whole lot easier. When it comes to epilators, there are two "power" factors to consider - the number of tweezers and speed. On one hand, epilators with more tweezers will eliminate more hairs in one go. On the other, having a choice of two or more speed settings allows users to adjust the intensity of the treatment according to their pain tolerance.

    Corded vs Cordless

    If you choose a corded epilator, you will not have to worry about running out of battery and use them as long as you need to. Wet and Dry epilators are obviously only cordless as you will be using them in water. They give you complete freedom to move around, but also restrict your time epilating until the battery runs out.


    While it may seem unimportant, an epilator light helps illuminate the often missed small and thin hairs. Although most modern epilators have a bright LED light, many don’t. Look for this feature if you have fair hair that is hard to see or plan on epilating in the evening when daylight isn’t an option.

    Caps & Accessories

    Full body epilating kits are more expensive than simple epilation devices. Still, they give you everything you may need to optimise your at home hair removal and beauty regime from head to toe. From bikini trimmers and shaving heads to scrubbing and massaging pads, epilation kits come with much more than a simple hair removal tool.


    Pain is one of the main reasons many women stay away from epilators. To be fair, some older models were like using sandpaper and would often cause skin irritation. If you are inexperienced with epilator hair removal or have a low pain threshold, we recommend choosing one of the modern wet and dry epilators. You can take it with you in the shower or bath where the warm water will relax and open the pores and allow the hairs to come out easier.

    Epilating vs. Shaving vs. Waxing

    Epilating, shaving and waxing are the three most popular hair removal methods. 

    Each method has its pros and cons, but let’s take a closer look to find out which one is best for your needs.


    epilating vs shaving vs waxing


    An epilator is a handheld electrical device with multiple rotating tweezers that pull the hairs out from their roots. While using epilators can be a bit painful and uncomfortable at first, you can enjoy smooth skin for up to 3-4 weeks after. With regular use, not only the discomfort fades away, but you will notice slower finer hair regrowth. What’s more, epilators are able to pull hair as short as 0.5 mm (1/8 inch) so you do not have to grow it out in between sessions and the kits come with various accessories to protect the skin from damage.

    With epilator hair removal, you will have higher upfront cost but little to no maintenance costs. 

    Finally, epilating is one of the most efficient method to use when traveling.


    Shaving involves gliding a razor along the skin against the direction of hair growth which results in removing hair only above the skin surface.

    Since you are removing hair only above the skin surface, shaving is easy and painless. However, its results last only a day or two, so the time spent shaving adds up over time. The same goes for the cost since shaving razors wear out quickly and you need to replace them regularly. Shaving can cause razor burn on the more sensitive body areas and over time you may notice shaved hairs grow thicker and denser.

    Finally, travelling with a razor is easy as long as you remember to pack it in your checked in luggage.  


    Waxing is a process of applying wax to the skin in the direction of hair growth and then removing it quickly in the opposite direction. Similar to epilating, waxing removes hair from the root and is therefore a bit uncomfortable. Waxing also removes the layer of dead cells to reveal silky smooth skin for up to 3-4 weeks. However, waxing doesn’t grab short hair, so you will need longer intervals in between waxing sessions to grow the hair out.

    There are many types of wax  –   pre made wax strips, warm soft wax, warm hard wax, cold soft wax, etc. It is important to ensure that the wax is at the correct temperature – too cold wax won’t spread and too hot wax can burn the skin. This makes waxing a bit more complicated process requiring plenty of tools such as a heating device, the wax, the strips, the solution for removing residual wax and so on. Over time, the costs can quickly add up even if you choose to do it by yourself at home.

    Finally, compared to the above two hair removal methods, waxing leaves a bit of a sticky mess behind and perhaps is not an ideal option while travelling. 

    Epilator Hair Removal - Tips, Tricks and Safety Advice

    There are a few things you need to know before you embark on epilator hair removal at home:

    Exfoliate your skin before epilating

    Exfoliating before epilating increases blood circulation, removes dead skin cells and prevents ingrown hairs

    Position the epilator head at a 90-degree angle and hold it loosely

    This step prevents hair breakage and allows the device to grab the hairs without any unnecessary pressure to the skin

    Move the epilator in the direction of hair growth

    Pull your skin taut to reduce discomfort and slowly move the epilator in the direction of hair growth. If you are epilating against the hair, chances are you will cut the hair at the skin.

    Start at the lowest speed setting

    Start at the lowest speed setting and work your way up as you learn to tolerate the discomfort

    best epilator for women

    Epilate after your period

    Hormone changes make your skin more sensitive right before and during your period. Plan your epilator hair removal session after your period when skin sensitivity has decreased.

    Moisturize your skin after epilating to reduce irritation.

    Choose moisturizers with a cooling sensation or aloe vera extract to soothe the skin after epilation.

    Clean your epilator machine after each use with alcohol to reduce the risk of a skin infection.

    Most modern epilators are cordless and waterproof, so you can easily maintain and clean them. Many corded epilators also come with removable and washable epilator heads for improved hygiene.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Many women don’t even dare to give epilating a shot simply because they think it is the most painful hair removal method out there. However, that is far from true.

    Epilating is one of the safest ways to remove unwanted hair. Although it is slightly more painful for beginners and users used to shaving, you will only have to worry about it for the first few uses. After each session, the hairs get weaker, thinner and easier to pull out, making the epilating process more comfortable.

    The mild discomfort results from pulling the hair from the root instead of cutting the surface layer. Again, the experience becomes almost painless after only a few uses, while the results are incomparable to other hair removal methods.

    Generally speaking, it is safe to epilate hair from any body area including pubic hair.

    Nevertheless, your intimate area is one of the most sensitive parts of your body so epilating pubic hair is often painful and uncomfortable especially for first time users.

    Fortunately, most epilator kits have different heads or caps for removing unwanted pubic hair and hair in other sensitive areas. Those accessories do a great job of reducing pain, redness, bumps and rashes.

    When using an epilator to remove pubic hair, we strongly suggest testing the tool on a smaller area to see how your skin reacts before treating the rest of the area.

    Choosing between wet and dry epilation comes down to personal preference. On one hand, wet and dry epilators are cordless – they run on batteries that can drain during the hair removal process. On the other, corded epilators don’t offer the flexibility and comfort of cordless models.

    When it comes to the epilation process, it is better to epilate when the skin is wet. Warm water relaxes the skin and opens up the pores, making it easier for hairs to come out as soon as you pull them. As a result, you will have a more comfortable and pleasant experience when epilating on wet skin.

    With the regular use of epilator machines, you can reduce and even completely stop hair growth in specific areas. When epilating correctly, you pull each hair out of the root, meaning the hair grows back significantly weaker and slower. With repetitive use, your epilator can damage the follicles, leaving them unable to regrow the hair.

    If you are searching for a hair removal method that will visibly reduce hair growth only after a couple of uses, epilation is what you have been looking for all along.


    When used correctly, epilating should not cause ingrown hairs. Epilator machines remove hair from the root, preventing it from growing under the skin. Just make sure to exfoliate before epilating – the skin and the pores will be clean and free from dead skin cells, which will allow the hairs to come through easily when they start regrowing.


    Epilators have become increasingly popular with women across the globe and that is because they really have a lot to offer. However, choosing the best epilator is not easy – the market is filled with devices with all kinds of different features and specifications.

    Follow the tips above, find out which home epilator best fits your preferences and needs and get the smooth and soft skin you deserve.