best at home IPL hair removal devices 2021

best home ipl hair removal

Table of Contents

1. How We Review The Products

2. Product Comparison Table

3. Our Top Picks – In Depth Product Reviews

  3.1 Best Overall – Philips Lumea Prestige

 3.2 Best Technology – BoSidin

 3.3 Best Fast Treatment –  Braun Silk Expert Pro 5

  3.4 Best for All Skin Types –  Silk’n Infinity

  3.5 Best for Large Areas – Remington iLight Elite

  3.6 Best Budget – IMENE


The world pandemic brought on a cataclysmic shift in our beauty routines. Trips to cosmetic clinics and beauty salons were heavily restricted which led consumers to turn to at home treatment alternatives. 

The market was flooded by at home laser hair removal devices claiming to deliver results comparable to those of professional treatments.

While we wouldn’t recommend replacing your aesthetician completely, there are some diy laser hair removal devices you can use at home to achieve similar results at a fraction of the cost.

That is why we decided to bring you this comprehensive review of the best at home ipl hair removal devices currently available on the market!

How We Review the Products?

Before we select  the best at home ipl hair removal devices, we conduct thorough product research to help identify key attributes and features that customers are interested in. To make it as comprehensive as possible, we then:

  •  Test the products ourselves so we can provide a firsthand account of how the products deliver
  • Spend hours going over thousands of authentic user reviews to give a more accurate picture of what you can expect when you buy.
  • We have  Dr Rosmy Barrios on our team, whose expertise in aesthetic medicine is a key factor to our product  research process. 

product comparison table

best at home IPL hair removal devices 2021


Skin Tone / Hair Colour

Lifetime in Flashes

Intensity levels

Corded / Cordless


Philips Lumea Skin Tone Chart



Corded & Cordless

BoSidin Skin Tone Chart




Braun Silk Expert Pro 5 skin tone chart




Silk'n Infinity skin tone chart




IMENE skin tone chart




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The Phillips Lumea Prestige is overall the best at home IPL hair removal device for face and body on the market right now. Designed by tech experts and dermatologists, the Lumea Prestige IPL promises 92% hair reduction after 3 treatments and 6 months of hair-free skin after 12 treatments. Furthermore, clinical trials have proven it is safe and effective for home use.

4 smart attachments for precise treatment

The Philips Lumea IPL device comes with 4 intelligent attachments shaped differently to follow the curves of each body area. The 4 smart treatment lamps have different size windows designed to maximise contact with your skin and thus prevent light from escaping. Once you click  the attachment onto the device, it adapts a tailored program for the specific area it was designed to treat.

  • Face – flat with small window and an extra filter to gently treat your upper lip, chin or jawline.

  • Body   curved-in design with large window for faster treatment on larger areas  like your legs, arms and stomach

  • Bikini – curved design with medium size window and transparent filter for extra comfort while treating the sensitive bikini area

  • Underarms – curved out design with medium size window to treat the hard to reach underarm area

Smart Skin Sensor

Lumea’s Smart Skin Sensor detects your skin tone and suggest one of the five light settings most suitable for your skin. What’s more, the device only lights up when in full contact with the skin and only when covered by skin , not any other material.

Phillips Lumea IPL works effectively on dark blonde, brown, and black hair and on very white to dark brown skin. However, it may not be as effective on white, grey, light blonde, or red hair, and on very dark skin.

Two Treatment Modes: “Stamp and Flash” and “Slide and Flash”

You can choose between the two modes depending on the area you are treating:

The “Slide and Flash” Mode allows you to press and hold the trigger of the device as you glide it down larger areas of your body, like your legs. 

On the other hand, the “Stamp and Flash” Mode lets you press and release the trigger for a single flash. This mode gives you more control and precision when treating smaller areas like your face or underarms.

The Phillips Lumea Prestige BRI956/00 model can be used corded or cordless and comes with 250,000 flashes before the machine needs to be replaced ( there are no replacement lamps available for purchase). To top it off, the Lumea IPL has developed a free APP that keeps track of your progress and helps you manage your home treatment schedule.




BoSidin Permanet Hair Removal Device introduces the ground breaking Optimal Pulse Technology which places it in the top rankings of the best at home IPL hair removal devices.  Optimal Pulse Technology (OPT) maximises the benefits of both laser and IPL technology with a perfect blend of energy level and wavelength. In collaboration with Stanford University BioADD Medical Laboratory, BoSidin’s leading technology is a product of 5 years of intensive research and has received  FDA clearance for safe and effective hair removal at home use.

6 modes of customised skincare

BoSidin hair removal device features 6 modes of customised treatments, each of which is designed to accurately treat different areas of the body – face, underarms, arms, legs , bikini line and skin rejuvenation. To further tailor the treatment, you can adjust the intensity knob to one of six energy levels based on the treated area and your own sensitivity. Furthermore, Bosidin’s 180 degree rotating head gives you better precision and allows easy access to those difficult to reach areas such as the knees, elbows, and underarms. This IPL hair removal device comes with 500,000 flashes to last well over 20 years and it boasts it can deliver full body treatment in as fast as 15 minutes.

Continuous Pulse technology

Traditional IPL devices emit light at a single high-powered frequency, damaging tissue and allowing less light to reach each follicle. In contrast, BoSidin’s continuous pulse technology divides light into short, lower-intensity pulses which cause heat to gradually build up in each follicle. This makes the hair removal process more effective and minimises injury to adjacent tissue.

Dynamic Cooling Device

The dynamic cooling device  feature creates a cooling sensation on the skin immediately before pulsed light is emitted. Not only does this make the hair removal process completely painless, but it also makes it safe to use in even the most sensitive areas. Finally, the cooling feature obsoletes the need for any gels, creams or ice packs.

Advanced Skin Rejuvenation

BoSidin incorporates photo rejuvenation technology into its sixth innovative Skin Rejuvenation (SR) mode. Just click the detachable SR beauty head onto the device, switch to photo rejuvenation mode and let the device work its magic to activate collagen, reduce wrinkles and restore your  skin’s elasticity. 

It’s no surprise the BoSidin device won the 2020 German Red Dot Design Award with its luxury appearance and high-quality design.




Fast treatment time and quick results place the Braun Silk Expert Pro 5 among the best at home IPL hair removal devices.  You will need less than 5 minutes to treat both legs and a full body hair removal treatment won’t even take an hour. Furthermore, this IPL hair remover is equipped with 400,000 flashes of light which equals 22 years of treatments, so no need to worry about replacing it sometime soon.

SensoAdapt Technology

The Silk Expert Pro 5 is one of the safest IPL hair removal devices thanks to its  SensoAdapt technology . Skin tone changes across a persons body, so the SensoAdapt sensor continuously reads the skin tone and automatically adjusts the flash intensity  according to the treated area. There are ten intensity levels to optimally match every skin tone. Whats more, this same technology also makes the IPL device effective on those with skin pigmentations.

3 comfort settings and 2 application modes

You can customise the treatment with three comfort settings – normal, gentle and extra gentle. The three settings allow you to reduce the energy levels especially when going over sensitive areas or you are a beginner. Furthermore, you can customise the treatment with two application modes. On one hand,  the  gliding mode triggers more flashes for a fast treatment of large body areas. On the other, the stamp mode provides a more precise treatment on smaller and sensitive areas.


Finally, the Silk Expert Pro 5 comes with a precision head for treating small and hard-to-reach areas such as the face, underarms and bikini area. It also includes a Venus extra smooth swirl razor for shaving before treatment and a beautifully printed pouch for storage between uses.




Silk’n Infinity introduces a revolutionary new technique in hair removal, eHPL™, which places it in the top ranks of the best at home IPL hair removal devices currently on the market. The enhanced Home Pulsed Light technology for the first time allows at home treatment of all skin colours, including the darkest skin tones and nearly all hair colours. What’s more, both women and men can safely use the ipl device on their faces and bodies and a full body treatment takes less than 20 minutes. If you would like to learn more about the best home ipl for dark skin, please refer to our buying guide here:  Best Home IPL Device for Dark Skin.

Galvanic Energy and Optimal Light

eHPL™ uses a potent combination of Galvanic Energy and Optical light energy to safely and efficiently reduce hair growth.

The Galvanic energy opens up the skin pores and allows the Optical Energy to penetrate  deeper into the hair follicles and thus damage them more effectively. As a result, hair follicles are disabled for the long term.


Skin Colour Sensor

Silk’n Infinity comes with a built-in skin colour sensor designed to measure the skin tone and enable one out of five energy levels suitable for that skin complexion. To protect the skin further , the treatment window is recessed inside the device, which doesn’t allow direct contact between the two. In addition , to protect the eyes, the ipl device will not emit any light pulses unless the treatment window is firmly pressed against the skin.

2 application modes

Furthermore, you can tailor the treatment with two application modes. A glide application mode significantly shortens the treatment time as you simply glide the device over large body areas. For smaller areas, the pulse mode emits individual light pulses at specific intervals for more precise treatment.

Smart App

Silkn Infinity comes with 500,000 flashes per devices to last a lifetime of treatments. To make things even easier, the device includes a smart Silk’n App to remind you of your next at home appointment




High power per flash technology

If you’re looking for professional grade IPL treatment you can do at home, the Remington iLIGHT Elite is one of the best at home IPL hair removal devices on the market right now. With its proprietary ProPulse Technology, it delivers 32 joules per flash and boasts to be the most powerful at home device for treatments similar to those in clinics. Although powerful, this ipl device is FDA-cleared  and clinically proven for safe use on the face and body at home.


Skin Tone and Skin Contact Sensors

The Remington iLIGHT Elite Face and Body System has an inbuilt skin tone sensor that ensures your skin tone is compatible with the device. If your skin colour ranges from dark brown to black, the IPL device won’t emit light pulses. Furthermore, a skin contact sensor confirms the treatment cap is flush against the skin before any flash can be delivered. This way the ipl device blocks harmful UV and infrared energy to ensure safe and comfortable treatment.


5 intensity levels and 2 precision caps

The iLIGHT Elite has five intensity levels that you can adjust according to your skin tone and hair type. In addition, two treatment caps allow for more effective treatment. On one hand, the body cap has a wider window to cover large areas faster. On the other, the precision cap has a much smaller window for small and sensitive areas.


To sum up, the iLIGHT Face and Body system promises 94% hair reduction in after just three treatments when used properly. Please remember you should not use the device around your eyes , on eyebrows , over tattoos and dark skin spots.




With its unique ice compress function and a budget friendly price  , the IMENE IPL device ranks  among the best at home IPL hair removal devices out on the market right now. The IMENE tool has a pistol-shaped construction which makes it easy to handle and control whatever part of the body you are working on. 


2 treatment modes and 2 caps

In addition, two treatment modes and 2 caps allow you to customise every treatment. The auto mode with 3.6cm2 cap works great on large areas like arms, legs, chest and back. Whereas, the manual mode with 2.0cm2 cap give you better precision for sensitive areas like bikini, underarms, upper lip, chin and fingers.

5 energy levels

Furthermore, the IMENE IPL device has five energy levels that you can adjust depending on the area being treated. While the cartridge cannot be replaced, the device can emit up to 500,000 flashes which is more than enough for life long full body treatments.

Ice Cooling Function

An ice cooling function sets this device apart from all other at home IPL hair removal devices. The unique ice compress function keeps the skin temperature between 32°F and 41°F during treatment to ensure painless and comfortable experience.  Furthermore, it  also reduces the chances of redness and swelling post treatment.



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IPL vs Laser Hair Removal: What is the difference?

IPL vs lase hair removal

Laser hair removal devices utilize a powerful beam of concentrated light to damage the hair follicle

The pigment in the hair absorbs the light energy from the laser and lets it  penetrate deep beneath the skin. The light then converts into heat that damages the hair bulb without impacting the surrounding tissue.  

IPL devices use a broad spectrum of light with different wavelengths to damage the hair follicle.

Intense Pulsed Light hair removal devices produce more scattered and less focused energy to damage the hair follicles. However, they can cover a larger treatment area in shorter time. 

Which is better?

Laser technology is way more powerful and  precise than IPL and achieves substantially longer lasting results , learn more.

IPL and Laser Hair Removal At Home - Tips, Tricks and Safety Advice

There are a few things you need to know before you embark on IPL or laser hair removal at home:

Read the user manual carefully and be aware of potential side effects.

To avoid any burns, crusting or hyperpigmentation you should start with a patch test and wait a few days to see how your skin will react. This way you can adjust the right energy level and proceed with a larger visible area. 

Make sure you shave before treatment.

IPL and laser treatments are not effective on longer hair and can potentially cause burns. Be sure to shave the treated area prior to treatment.

Avoid tweezing and waxing six weeks prior to treatment. 

Pulling the hair from the follicle can hinder the process as there will be nothing to convey the heat to the hair follicle.

Avoid perfumes, deodorants and lotions prior to treatment.

 All of these can interfere with the effectiveness of the IPL or laser treatment. The skin should be clean and dry to allow full contact with the device.

Avoid sun exposure. 

Experts recommend that you are free of tan, natural or fake, when you use IPL or laser hair removal at home. Laser hair removal machines work best when the contrast between skin and hair is greater. Therefore, you should avoid the sun 2 weeks prior to treatment to prevent any skin injury.

Be patient and consistent.

IPL and laser hair removal at home is only effective when the hair being treated is in its growing phase. Therefore, you will need to have a number of treatments over a period of several months in order to catch all hairs in their growing stage. So if you want to see results, you have to be patient and consistent.

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