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Keeping your body free of unwanted hair requires commitment. But getting it ready and maintaining it throughout the bikini season is a downright chore. Let’s face the truth – looking beautiful is easier when you are not showing much. However, a bikini exposes almost the entire body. Needless to say, some parts require special care. Wouldn’t it be great if you could get rid of hair in these areas permanently? Of course, it would! That is why we are bringing you this update of the best at home laser hair removal for Brazilian style!

How We Review the Products?

At Best At Home Laser Hair Remover, we take product reviews seriously. After all, that is the shortest road to our readers’ trust, 100% honesty and 0% hype.

In order to build authority with our customers, we have devised the following five step product review strategy:

  1. Before we get our hands on the product, we go over thousands of authentic online reviews to get an insight into what to look for and what to pay special attention to
  2. After getting to know what other people think, we then build our own opinion by testing the products first hand
  3. Consulting our team of skincare experts, headed by Dr. Rosmy Barrios, is the all important third step. These people know best if what the manufacturers are promising is even possible.
  4.  We then compare similar products to give you all the pros and cons and let you know if you can get better quality for less money.
  5.  The rating we provide is subjective and from the buyers’ point of view. After all, it is the personal experience that counts, not the marketing claims. 

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Best At Home Laser Hair Removal for Brazilian Devices

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Brazilian Bikini Laser vs Traditional Hair Removal Methods

Traditional techniques for hair removal in the bikini area are waxing and shaving. The first one can be tricky and painful. The second one should be a gymnastic discipline. It’s hard to do and the results are rarely satisfying and never long lasting.

Waxing is still predominantly used for Brazilian style hair removal.

best at home laser hair removal for brazilian

 When professionals do it, the technique is effective. However, the results are temporary and side effects such as inflammation, redness and ingrown hairs are common.

Luckily, modern technology keeps up with the grooming needs of many. Laser hair removal for pubic area has come a long way from expensive beauty salons to affordable and effective personal laser and IPL hair removal devices. Nowadays, you can get all the benefits of permanent Brazilian hair removal in the comfort of your own home.

Laser pubic hair removal has many advantages over traditional methods. It causes less discomfort, is not messy (no wax) and in time you can achieve between 80% to 90% hair reduction in the treated area.

Now let’s have a look at the best at home laser hair removal for Brazilian devices currently available on the market.

In Depth Product Reviews



This device works effectively all over the body. In the world of laser hair removal, this is a game changing advantage! It’s equally efficient on the legs, face, arms, bikini area, etc. There are no limitations.

The flash window has a decent size that allows the user to cover a larger area with a single flash. Also, the device can work cordless or connected to an energy source. So, the treatment duration does not depend on battery life.

The overall design of Philips Lumea Prestige expresses confidence, durability and luxury. The price matches this impression, though.

The Smart Skin sensor helps you choose the right intensity level for your skin tone. That maximizes the treatment effect and minimizes discomfort.

All these features make Philips Lumea Brazilian hair removal a smooth and efficient experience.





Silk’n Flash & Go is another device on our list that can be used anywhere on the body, including the sensitive bikini area. It is also FDA approved and clinically tested. Therefore, safety is not an issue.

Compared to similar devices, Silk’n Flash & Go is very much affordable. We saw the first visible results after only four sessions. However, lasting results become apparent after six months of consistent use.

It is a powerful device for full Brazilian hair removal. That’s a good thing if you want quick results, but a bad one if you wish for a completely pain-free treatment. 





The Brazilian diode laser that Tria Beauty Laser 4X uses is four times more powerful than any IPL device. Unfortunately, where it gains in strength, Tria Laser Brazilian loses in the area covered. The diode laser covers only 5mm of the skin. Unfortunately, you can forget about the large parts of the body such as the legs. 

More power means faster permanent results. Tria Brazilian treatment may well be worth the patience.  However, Tria Laser Brazilian depends solely on battery power. That means that every session is pre-timed, learn more.





With 300.000 flashes and the innovative SensoAdapt skin tone sensor, Braun Silk Expert Pro 5 is the latest generation of Braun IPL devices suitable for even the most sensitive skin. It comes prepacked with a Gillette Venus razor. 

Laser pubic hair removal can prove to be tricky in people with sensitive skin. That’s because the skin in the bikini area can be extra sensitive and may have a slightly different tone. 

Braun Silk Expert Pro 5 solves both problems successfully. The SensoAdapt skin tone sensor automatically adjusts the light intensity to best suit your skin tone. That makes it the only IPL device that continuously adapts to the user’s skin tone.

Additionally, the three settings: normal, gentle and extra gentle, allow for a safe laser pubic hair removal even in the most sensitive areas.

The device is safe, efficient, dermatologically accredited and clinically tested for home use. The gliding mode allowed us to cover a wide area of the body in a single session. Also, there’s no risk of running out of battery power because the device has an electric cord for a continuous supply of energy. 

Braun Silk-Expert Pro 5 is 25% lighter, 15% smaller and 2 times faster than the previous Silk Expert 5 which places it in the top ranks of the best at home laser hair removal for Brazilian devices.





With a specially designed stamp mode for brazillian bikini area laser hair removal, the CosBeauty IPL device is the best budget-friendly solution for your hair removal needs.

The system is clinically proven and FDA-approved. It works best on lighter skin and darker hair. The in-built sensor recognizes skin tone, which makes the device extremely safe for at-home use.

The “slide” mode enables users to cover a larger area in a shorter time. CosBeauty Permanent Hair Removal device is cordless. It allows freedom of movement, an excellent feature when you are trying to reach hard-to-access areas. 

The manufacturers claim a 95% hair reduction in only eight sessions. 



How Does Brazilian Bikini Laser work?

difference between ipl and laser

At home Brazilian laser hair removal works the same way it does in other areas of the body. Laser and IPL devices use light energy to deliver heat into the pigment (melanin) located inside the hair follicle. That destroys the root of the hair and inhibits regrowth. 

Laser hair removal devices use light differently from IPL devices but the results are similar. After several treatments, new hair grows slower and weaker until it finally stops growing.

The only difference between the bikini area and legs, for example, is in skin sensitivity. This part of the skin is more sensitive. Therefore, not all laser and IPL brazilian devices will produce results of equal quality.

What to Look for in the Best At Home Laser Hair Removal for Brazilian Device?

Hair Color and Skin Tone Compatibility

To make brazillian laser hair removal safe, always check if the IPL device suits your skin tone and hair color. Most devices do not work well on dark skin and light hair. Some can even cause damage. 

Number of Light Pulses

Every brazillian bikini laser device has a lifespan. That’s why manufacturers clearly state the number of pulses on the packaging. For example, 300.000 pulses mean around ten years of all-over body treatment. The more pulses, the higher the price. 

Power Source

Battery-powered vs. corded. – Mobility vs. durability. Choose the option that suits you best. Batteries enable portability, a valuable asset when you are trying to reach certain areas of the body. On the other hand, a connection to mains electricity means unlimited time for each session.

Window Size

For permanent brazillian hair removal, a smaller window will do the trick. However, if you are looking to cover larger areas, such as the back and legs, choose a device with a bigger window.

Is Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Safe?

Brazilian bikini area laser is generally safe. There are no effects on your health or your skin’s appearance. 

However, both laser and IPL devices usually work well only on lighter skin and darker hair. That’s because of different pigment levels.

Dark skin contains much more melanin. That makes it possible for the light emitted by the device to hit a wider area around the hair and cause burns, blisters or scars.

On the other hand, fair hair lacks pigment. In a way, it’s a case of shooting ghosts with a gun. You cannot hit what is not there. Therefore, the effects of the treatment are highly unsatisfying. 

There is some good news, though. The advance in technology is making it possible to treat dark skin with IPL devices. Some of them are already available. 

The Bottom Line

Laser hair removal Brazilian style is a real thing. It is the only way to get rid of bikini area hair permanently. To sum up, if you are not a big fan of waxing your intimate parts, give it a try. Chances are you won’t regret it.

Affiliate Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate we may earn a small commission when readers purchase products through our links.