Home Electrolysis for Every Skin & Hair Colour

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    Home Electrolysis for Every Skin and Hair Colour

    Are you looking for another way to remove unwanted hair? Perhaps you are not one of the lucky candidates with fair skin and dark hair that can enjoy the benefits of IPL and laser hair removal.

    Well, finding the best electrolysis machine for home use might just be the solution for you. Regardless of your skin tone and hair colour, home electrolysis can effectively remove hair on any area of your body.

    Electrolysis hair removal involves inserting a small needle-like probe into the hair follicle and  sending an electric current through to the follicle to completely destroy it. Sounds rather scary, doesn’t it? However, home electrolysis systems use very tiny needles and regulated electric currents to facilitate a painless treatment and minimal discomfort afterwards.

    Originally, permanent hair removal electrolysis was a procedure you had to visit a clinic for. With the advance of technology, home electrolysis is now gaining increasing popularity.

    Are you considering having a go at DIY electrolysis hair removal but don’t know how to choose the best home electrolysis machine on the market?

    To save you time and money, we have rounded up five of the best electrolysis devices that you can safely use at home.

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    Clean and Easy Deluxe Home Electrolysis Kit is specifically designed for personal use and is a great entry option for DIY hair electrolysis. If you are just  starting with home electrolysis, you will find this unit very easy to use and an affordable alternative to salon treatments.

    The device has a single dial with 10 levels of intensity which allows you to customize the treatment according to the sensitivity of the area being treated. This comes in handy when you are a novice at the process and are not sure how much it will hurt.

    Clean n Easy Deluxe Home Electrolysis Machine utilizes a flexible stylet tip instead of a needle which prevents home users from accidentally puncturing the skin. However, this also means that the tip might not reach the follicle as effectively as the real needle used by electrologists and will require more treatments to get good results.  

    This electrolysis device is powered by a 9V battery, comes with a spare needle tip and tweezers. You can easily purchase additional electrolysis tips if need be.

    In summary, this kit is best for beginners, people that are unsure whether electrolysis is for them or have one or two stray hairs that bother them.





    Bring professional service to your home with this easy to use electrolysis machine! The V2R Deluxe Professional Electrolysis Machine uses blend modality – both galvanic electrolysis and thermolysis to destroy hair follicles on any part of your body, including the face. Using this machine requires no training and makes electrolysis hair removal at home easy. V2R is a complete home electrolysis system with an adjustable rheostat for more precise treatment. Another great feature is the foot switch that allows more convenient hands free control of the machine. Furthermore, this electrolysis machine for home use comes with a probe stylus, five sterile disposable probes, anode and 2 ounces of conductivity gel. Once you run out of the conductive gel any other brand of gel on Amazon will do the job.   Last but not least, this particular machine allows for needle electrolysis only.  However, you can purchase Aavexx transdermal accessories on Amazon which will work with V2R.





    Aavexx 500 is  for those users who are after galvanic electrolysis only, with no blend function. This electrolysis machine for home use has a powerful 24,000K µV output and is capable to do both transdermal (galvanic patches) and conventional needle electrolysis anywhere on the body. Furthermore, Aavexx 500 is a fully adjustable precision electrolysis system equipped with a foot switch, programmable autotimer and current overload protection. Aavexx 500 provides all the necessary accessories to perform conventional needle electrolysis hair removal. In addition, this electrolysis kit comes with all the necessary accessories to perform transdermal electrolysis procedures including: galvanic patch, swab, tweezers and clip applications. The electrolyte gel included in the kit will last for about three months and can be replaced with any similar conductive gel on Amazon. In addition to transdermal electrolysis, the kit also Finally, you will receive a free comprehensive manual that explains how to apply the electrolyte gels and reusable patches. The manual will also give you recommendations on the appropriate intensity level for each body part and the corresponding treatment time.  





    Aavexx 600 comes after Aavexx 500 and continues the tradition of delivering the highest quality of electrolysis machines to the end user. Unlike the previous model, this home electrolysis system allows blend modality and therefore is a little more expensive. 

    With numerous beneficial properties, the Aavexx 600 is considered a high end product that professionals and regular customers alike can use.

    Aavexx 600 combines galvanic and thermolysis electrolysis to deliver outstanding performance and permanent results. What’s more, you can use each technique individually or simultaneously which allows users a much more personalized approach to non laser hair removal.

    The blended method definitely requires some attention. During the galvanic process the electrical current from the machine interacts with the salt at the base of the hair follicle to produce acid that dissolves the follicle. This  process however requires time. If you want to speed it up, you can simultaneously add thermolysis which sends radio waves down the hair to heat the acid even more and destroy the follicle faster and more efficiently.

    Furthermore, the powerful 24,000 kµV output of Aavexx 600 can be used as a single or multiple output mode to control how many hair follicles you want to treat at once.

    The Aavexx 600 electrolysis system kit comes with a footswitch, timer, overload protection, a detailed guide, and multiple accessories including galvanic patch, clip applications, tweezers, swab, aloe vera gel as well as probe stylus and 5 replacement probes. So you get the idea that this machine requires some learning and preparation to use it effectively. 

    However, if you are serious about at home electrolysis and want a stable product that will deliver results, Aavexx 600 is your way to go.





    Next on our list is an electrolysis system that was designed for professional salon use but can also be used safely at home.

    Similar to Aavexx 600, the Électrolyse Deluxe Electrolysis uses professional Blend Tone Electrolysis and is one of the most powerful electrolysis machines for home use currently on the market. It produces a full 24,000 kµV of intensity making it almost 25% more powerful than standard epilators. While it has a fairly high maximum output, the system can be preprogrammed to gently increase the intensity over a long time span for a more comfortable and pain free treatment. As a result, you can prevent a sudden and painful surge of energy. 

    Furthermore, the Electrolyse Automatique is equipped with a foot pedal. The pedal comes really handy if you are holding the needle stylus in one hand and using the other to find the stray hairs. Just tap your foot on the pedal and the electrical surge will be administered to the hair.

    Finally, the Électrolyse  accessory kit includes a needle stylus with 10 sterile disposable Sterex probes (0.003R), a metal anode and 6 ounces of electrolysis conductivity gel. You can easily replace the gel and probes with standard ones from reliable brands.



    Frequently Asked Questions

    Electrolysis is a process that effects a chemical change by passing an electric current through a substance. If you paid attention in your high school chemistry class, you might remember how to use electrolysis to decompose water into hydrogen and oxygen. Do you remember that experiment with the thumb tacks, battery, baking soda, and water? That’s electrolysis. Well, aside from water, this process can be used to break down other compounds, including hair follicles.

    Now, don’t go looking for thumb tacks and battery to remove unwanted hair. You would need a special electrolysis device in order to break down a hair follicle permanently.

    The introduction of LASER and IPL technologies greatly overshadowed the old approach for permanent hair removal, known as electrolysis. The needle hair removal was labelled “time consuming” as it had to deal with every hair follicle individually.

    However , the old method has two major advantages over the latest technologies:

    • Electrolysis is the only method recognised by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to permanently remove hair. Once “shocked” by the needle, a hair follicle is permanently destroyed and can never grow hair again.  On the other hand,  laser light simply disables the hair follicle for a period of around 2 years. Eventually some hairs grow back which will entail a new set of treatments.
    • Electrolysis is more versatile as it does not depend on hair and skin pigments. Since there is no light involved, electrolysis is suitable for all skin tones and hair colours, including red, blonde and white hair. Moreover, electrolysis can be used anywhere on the body and can even treat men’s beard, learn more.

    There are three modalities of electrolysis hair removal:

    Galvanic electrolysis is a process that involves inserting a small needle-like probe into the hair follicle and sending a direct electrical current to break down the cells in the hair.  The hair follicle contains salt that reacts with the current and thus damages the cells around it. This chemical reaction basically dissolves the follicle so it will not grow another hair in that place. Although very effective,  the galvanic method takes a long time. For example, the electric charge that passes along the hair needs to continue for around 3 minutes at a time.

    Thermolysis is a newer method that involves inserting a needle into the hair follicle and sending radio energy with high frequency down the hair. The radio waves cause the hair to vibrate which subsequently heats up the root of the follicle.  The released heat obliterates the cells in the hair follicle and thus prevents hair from growing again. This method only takes seconds but is generally not as effective as an electrical current and will require more follow up treatments.

    The Blend method  simultaneously applies both galvanic and thermal electrolysis during a procedure which substantially speeds up the whole process. 

    In essence, electrolysis is an invasive procedure that inserts a fine probe into each hair follicle and sends an electrical current through it.  Remember, electrolysis hair removal must produce enough heat or chemical action to destroy tissue. Consequently, nerves in an attempt to protect the skin from injury, convey this sensation to the brain as pain .Therefore, pain is a necessary reality for electrolysis hair removal.

    During electrolysis most people report experiencing a bit of discomfort, described as a stinging or pricking sensation, as if they were getting a tattoo. 

    On one hand, the degree of pain will depend on the area being treated.  For example upper lip area is more sensitive than leg area.

    On the other hand, people have different tolerance to pain. While some people only feel a slight discomfort during an electrolysis session, others may find it painful and look for ways to reduce the pain during treatment.

    There are things you can do to ease the pain such as relaxation techniques and music, rubbing ice on the area or taking ibuprofen shortly before treatment.

    In summary, pain is the single greatest drawback of electrolysis. However, let’s refer to what the famous electrologist Arthur Hinkel once said: “A painless treatment is probably a worthless treatment.”