What to Do Prior to Laser Hair Removal?

how to prepare for laser hair removal

If you are not sure how to prepare for laser hair removal at home, you are in the right place. This detailed guide will walk you through all the necessary step by step instructions to help you remove unwanted facial and body hair seamlessly.

Is it safe to go down the DIY laser hair removal road at all?

Absolutely! We will show you what to do before laser hair removal so you can do it like a pro and keep your skin smooth and irritation free.

When considering at home laser hair removal vs professional treatments, the only notable difference to keep in mind is the energy levels. Typically, they are lower with at home laser hair removal devices.

As for their effectiveness, they can provide you with the same benefits as professional treatments.

And with that out of the way, let’s see how to get ready for laser hair removal at home.

How to Prepare for Laser Hair Removal?

Avoid waxing and tweezing at least six weeks before the treatment

Pulling the hair from the root would leave nothing for the laser to target.

Avoid sun exposure at least two weeks prior to your treatment

This includes tanning beds and self tanning lotions. It is a crucial step in order to avoid potential burns, blisters or skin discoloration.

Don’t bleach your hair at least six weeks before laser hair removal

Bleaching alters your hair follicles’ pigments so the laser may not be able to suppress their growth effectively.

laser hair removal at home

Shave 1-2 days before the treatment

If you don’t shave the treatment area you may end up with burns. Laser hair removal devices are not effective on longer hair.

Don’t use personal care products on the treatment day

Lotions, creams, deodorants, perfumes and other personal care products can interfere with your treatment’s effectiveness. Keep your skin clean and dry to get the most out of your laser hair removal.

Avoid caffeine if you are sensitive to pain

Caffeine can increase your pain sensitivity, which can be problematic if you have low pain tolerance. As much as a nice cup of coffee may seem tempting, avoid it on the day you intend to have your treatment.

Consult a professional if you take any medications

Certain medications may lead to adverse effects (e.g. blistering, burns, skin discoloration) or interfere with your treatment effectiveness.

Start with a patch test

Use your device on a small area of the skin to see how it will react. Wait a few days to ensure there is no irritation and adjust the energy level if necessary.

How to Prepare for Facial Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal for face at home requires taking all the steps above. However, it calls for a few additional safety precautions.

Here is how to prepare for laser hair removal on face:

best at home laser hair removal for face

Remove makeup prior to the treatment

Your skin must be perfectly clean so remove any makeup you may be wearing

Put on IPL hair removal safety glasses

This step is critical if your at home laser hair removal device doesn’t come with eye protection that locks the laser until the treatment window is fully covered

Make sure you use your laser hair removal device only below the cheekbones to prevent your eyes from getting in contact with the laser (even if there’s an eye safety mechanism and/or you are wearing ipl safety glasses).

How to Prepare for Bikini Laser Hair Removal

Just like facial laser hair removal, at home laser hair removal for Brazilian style requires all the safety steps above but with certain additional precautions.

Here is how to prepare for laser hair removal Brazilian style:

Exfoliate the treatment area 3-4 days prior to laser hair removal

This will help you cleanse the sensitive bikini area and avoid potential skin irritation.

Shave the bikini area one day before the treatment

Shaving 24 hours before your laser treatment will ensure there is no excess hair and reduce the risk of burns and inflammation.

best at home laser hair removal for brazilian

Use a perfume free shaving cream/cleansing lotion

Whether you use a shaving cream or your regular cleansing lotion to shave your bikini zone make sure it contains no perfume to prevent skin inflammation.

Cleanse the area with a pH-balanced feminine wash

A pH balanced feminine wash with anti bacterial properties will help you cleanse the skin thoroughly after shaving and prepare it for a safe laser hair removal session.


Preparing for laser hair removal may sound a bit tricky but it is all for your utmost safety.

Now that you know how to prepare for laser hair removal at home you can safely go down the DIY laser hair removal road.

If you decide to leave it to a professional, you would still have to apply the same tips we discussed above. At home and professional treatments are fundamentally the same. The former treatments “only” save you time and money but the benefits remain the same.