Electrolysis and Facial Hair Removal Transgender Women

facial hair removal for transgender

Body hair removal is a part of the personal hygiene routine for many people all over the world. Depending on their needs, both men and women nowadays have an array of effective hair removal techniques at their disposal. These can range from traditional ones such as shaving and waxing to modern ones such as lasers and IPL devices. However, there are some more specific needs like facial hair removal transgender women with only one permanent and effective solution – electrolysis.

Electrolysis: The Most Effective Permanent MTF Beard Removal Method

Facial hair removal transgender women is a big obstacle on their transition path. It is both time and money-consuming. Traditional hair removal methods such as shaving provide only short-lasting results. Modern procedures such as laser hair removal can be ineffective, especially if you have dark skin or light hair. 

That is why electrolysis is the best and only way to ensure permanent MTF (Male to Female) beard removal. However, it is not the effectiveness of this technique that worries potential users the most. 

Electrolysis is probably the most effective permanent hair removal method. Still, the number of sessions, the overall time necessary to achieve satisfying results and the potentially high costs are the biggest concerns. 

The purpose of this article is to address everything that could make you feel reluctant to try this hair removal technique. We want to show you why electrolysis is still the only procedure you should consider for transgender beard removal.  


What is Electrolysis Hair Removal?

electrolysis transgender

While laser and IPL technology use light to remove hair and slow down its growth, electrolysis is a bit more physical. It uses thin needles to probe the skin and reach hair follicles. That sounds more painful than it is. In reality, the procedure can only sometimes cause mild discomfort.


There are two main types of electrolysis hair removal. These are thermolysis and galvanic electrolysis. 

Thermolysis electrolysis uses heat to damage hair follicles, remove the hair and inhibit its regrowth. The method works well for hair reduction. It significantly slows down regeneration but the percentage of permanently removed hair is usually low. 

Galvanic electrolysis uses a slightly different technology. It passes an electric current through the hair follicle and causes the saline water inside it to decompose. 

The byproduct of this process, sodium hydroxide, destroys the hair follicle and the stem cells responsible for hair regeneration. After this, the hair follicles are unable to grow hair ever again. 

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) considers galvanic electrolysis to be the only permanent hair removal method. Still, not everything about this technology is perfect. It is probably the slowest of all hair removal methods. 

Why Electrolysis is the Best Method for Facial Hair Removal Transgender Women?

Stopping facial hair growth is such a big part of MTF transformation that facial hair removal transgender women and transition period are almost synonyms. 

It is also the most demanding and time consuming process during the transition. However, successful MTF facial hair removal is incomparable with any other change that happens during this time. 

Because of this, electrolysis should be a top priority and you should start the treatments at the beginning of your transition journey. Other transitional steps such as hormone therapy and preparations for facial feminization surgery or gender confirmation surgery can be done simultaneously. In this way, you will save plenty of time and reach your final goal much sooner.

Remember, electrolysis is the only viable hair removal method for transgender women. Regardless of the potential discomfort, the high cost and the time it takes it is the only permanent solution for MTF beard removal.


Is Electrolysis MTF Beard Removal Painful?

Electrolysis is not a contactless hair removal method. The micro-needles reach under the skin’s surface and cause minor trauma. That can cause discomfort in some people while others might not feel anything. Everything comes down to how much you can tolerate the pain in general.

Additionally, your skin can be a bit red and swollen immediately after the treatment but this is only temporary. Electrolysis hair removal is beneficial for the skin because it boosts collagen production and shrinks the hair follicles, making your skin softer and smoother.

Cost of Electrolysis for Facial Hair Removal Transgender

Electrolysis requires a dedicated approach for the best results. That means you need to be ready for at least one three hour treatment a week for a minimum of twelve months.

We’ve mentioned earlier that electrolysis is not the most affordable hair removal technique. In professional salons and clinics, one hour of treatment usually costs between $25 and $150. So, you are looking to spend at least $5000 for a year of treatments. 

Luckily, there is a way to save some money and still enjoy all the benefits of electrolysis. It is now possible to purchase a personal at home electrolysis device and boost your transition from the comfort of your home.

DIY Electrolysis Facial Hair Removal Transgender

A few electrolysis machines for home use are budget friendly. They tend to cost more than most IPL or laser devices but the price is still just a fraction of what you would spend for one year of professional treatments.

Some of these machines can match professional ones in terms of technology and quality. They are very safe too. So, getting one is a good idea if you’re looking to save time and money and if you are ready for some DIY facial hair removal action. 

At home electrolysis hair removal devices have no limitations regarding skin or hair colour, body area, treatment duration, etc. Most of them also do not require any special training. 

Last but not least, electrolysis machines for home use are the most cost effective permanent option for transgender beard removal. Please refer to our Best Electrolysis Machines for Home Use Guide if you want to give needle hair removal a go.


The Bottom Line

Electrolysis may not be the fastest or the most affordable hair removal option out there. However, Facial Hair Removal Transgender Women is a process that takes place on the face, a sensitive and highly-visible part of the body. So, there is not much room for experiments. That is why, for transgender women electrolysis is the only solution worth the investment.

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